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Interior Designers Make Building a Home a Breeze!

You’ve decided to build a new home. You’ve got your pre-approval letter and you know what area you want to live. It’s an exciting time. Then, it dawns on you and you think “What have we done? We’re building a home from the ground up? Where do we start?” That’s the time to search out interior designers.

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Where do you start?

Your first inclination is to find a lot you like in a neighborhood you want to build in. Most likely it’s owned by a builder. Then you start looking at plans. You decide on the number of bedrooms and baths, the dimensions of the rooms, etc. And shortly after that, you’re overwhelmed again because while you have an idea what you like, you’re not sure exactly how to achieve it.

The 1985 movie starring Richard Pryor comes to mind. The character inherits millions of dollars but he has to spend it all, otherwise he doesn’t get the rest of it. He hires an interior designer and she designs several rooms. He doesn’t know what he wants, but he just knows he doesn’t like the rooms she keeps designing. She finally designs a room “He could die in,” and then it’s all taken away from him.

Involving an interior designer from the beginning of building your home means you will get the home that fits your style, stays in your budget and gets done in a timely manner. Designers spend time with you helping to capture the dream you have for your home while guiding you down the path to get there.

“After we get the home built, I’m going to hire an interior decorator to make it all mine.”

There’s a big difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator. Interior decorators are only involved with the aesthetics of a home. Furniture, colors, fixtures, etc. An interior designer has a degree from a university where there’s no formal training required to be a decorator.

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When do I make that decision?

For example, a designer knows when it’s time for you to choose your lighting because it affects the way the home is wired. It’s the same with plumbing. To make sure you get that pot filler over your stove like your grandmother had, your designer will make sure the plumbing is part of the plan so that it doesn’t need to be retrofit near the end of the build. Or if you want a Wolf range in your kitchen island, your designer will make sure the gas lines are installed at the right time. Some of these types of decisions need to be made even before the slab is poured.

Interior designers work closely with architects and builders to make sure the hopes and dreams you have for your home are built into its structure. It saves you time, money and frustration in the end.

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“I love this. And I love that! And what about this?”

There are so many different ways to make your home your own. Interior designers know where to find the elements of your home that make it unique to you and where to find the best prices. They have relationships with all the most reputable sources in your area and will help you shop. This allows you to go about your life with a teammate helping you obtain the look and function you want.

Good interior designers are constantly monitoring trends, finding new products and befriending local sources for unique fixtures and other items. Want that old antique stained glass window in your home? They can find it. Or you’ve been eyeing the latest trends in glass tile backsplashes. Interior designers know where to get it. More importantly, they know how to help you find the look you desire while also staying in budget. This allows you to dream and leaves the hard part of making that dream come true to them.

“We have a very strong relationship and know exactly what we want. We don’t need any other input.”

Trust us…save the money spent on marriage/partner counseling and involve an interior designer.

“We LOVE our new home. What do you mean it needs upgrading to save our equity?”

New homes are investments. Over the years, trends and styles change. Designers research and stay up to speed on ways to help your home stay current for longer. They work closely with your builder advising on color schemes and also recommend interior and exterior structure changes that will increase the value of your home and help it hold its value over time.

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“The Wilsons just built a new home also, and they thought of some things we should have included.”

Home design structures change over time. Currently the new trend is towards making homes more functional for the entire family. Upgrades like closet built-ins, outdoor living spaces, indirect lighting and home offices are all due to input given by interior designers.

“Okay, we get it. When should we involve an interior designer in our new home build?”

Since interior designers know how homes are built, the time to get an interior designer involved is from the beginning. The cost savings alone make it worth bringing someone into the picture early.

Simply put, working with an interior designer while building your home makes the process much less stressful and more fun. You’ll have the confidence knowing that you’re receiving input from a trained professional whose priority is to help you build the house that fits your lifestyle and your taste.

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